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I Have Found My Dream Job

Music is life, music is love, the soundtrack of our world.


I have somehow been privileged enough to turn my passion into the business of soundtracking people’s special moments, and I proud to say I am good at it. 

Whether it was working at independent record stores in Monterey and South Beach Miami, or digging through stacks of records at thrift stores, Delta Breeze Records, Armadillo, and Amoeba, I have always tried to keep an open ear and mind for new music. I certainly have the vinyl bug, boasting over 4000 records in my home, which will hopefully be with me forever.


Because of this obsession, I feel I have amassed quite the knowledge and ability to enjoy various genres and whole albums left otherwise unheard. I also understand there are innumerable bands and artists out there, and I get so excited to talk music with people who enjoy the jams I’m yet to discover.


I have been a full-time wedding DJ for around six years now, with around 300 weddings experienced and counting. As a DJ in college, I simply played music for my friends who coupled up, and the results were fantastic enough to turn it into a legitimate business. I only had two turntables, a couple of crates of records, a corded microphone, two speakers, and an iPod with a few hundred tracks, but was able to create their perfect soundtrack by playing the songs that had been there with them throughout their lives, that had made them feel love, joy, excitement, and like the night would never end. My equipment has upgraded tenfold, however my vibrant approach to soundtracking weddings and expectations for a nostalgic thrill-ride of a dance party have remained. 

I would love the chance to make sure your special day sounds like you, not simply a lifeless, generic choosing of tracks off a playlist. Something very important to my process is meeting up in person over a beer or coffee to talk about what music moves you, and to share some stories. Hopefully when your wedding comes around it will be great to see you two again, and not just an employee clocking in.  

I look forward to hearing from you, and certainly can’t wait to find out what music you love. 

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